The causes of dandruff, get rid of it

The causes of dandruff, get rid of it

The causes of dandruff, get rid of it

It gives a lot of grief for people caring about their appearance, such unaesthetic condition as dandruff. To this problem no longer bother you, you need to treat hair and scalp. Healthy hair is talking about health in general, then as dandruff can indicate a variety of diseases in the body. The reasons for the appearance of dandruff and how to get rid of this defect, read the article.

How to get rid of dandruff

The shame and discomfort that we feel to find yourself in a public place with the “snow” on the shoulders – nothing compared to those disorders in the body, which may indicate dandruff. How to get rid of it?

According to statistics, dandruff – the most common cosmetic problem hair and scalp. White scales, which are reminiscent of a treacherous in dark jackets and suits, delivered a lot of inconvenience. In an attempt to get rid of the “snow” on the hair and the clothes we purchase a lot of expensive gels and shampoos. However, dandruff – it is not always just a cosmetic problem. Sometimes it is an indicator of serious failures in the body.

So why dandruff appears, how to get rid of dandruff?

The first reason. Accelerated cell division

In general, cells of the skin on your head is constantly updated, and, therefore, dead specimens are constantly showered. Another thing is that the update period normally takes 25-30 days, the process takes place not at the same time for all cells, and their gradual loss, we simply do not notice. But in the body or the skin itself is a failure, and the update cycle is reduced to 6-7 days. Cage has not had time to ripen, as it has pushed a new, just appeared. As a result, outcast stick together and peel off in the form of pesky white flakes. The reasons for this rapid cell regeneration can be set from a failure of biological rhythms to hormonal disorders. How to get rid of dandruff and what kind of attack overpowers you – can help you determine your hair specialist doctor – trichologist.

The second reason. Fungus

Provoke rapid cell division can be harmful fungus – Pityrosporum Ovale, who lives on the scalp all the time, but usually does not bother its owner. But change is pH-indicators of the skin, and he begins to proliferate, causing inflammation and flaking of the skin. To activate this fungus may, for example, a shampoo with the wrong pH (natural skin pH – 5.5).

In this regard, particularly harmful to scalp old alkaline shampoos, which dry the skin and make it vulnerable. So, if you do not want to sprinkle the “ash” from the head of the surrounding objects – get rid of shampoo like “Grandma’s Tales”, “Meadow knapweed,” or “Daisy”. Now on sale in large quantities appeared pharmaceutical antifungal shampoos, but they also should not be abused.

The fact that any fungus in a collision with a means of attacking it eventually begins to develop a defense against it. And the tool that helped you once, subsequent relapses may not be effective. Moreover, other means to defeat the fungus becomes more complicated. After all, your micro-organisms already “hardened” and not so vulnerable. So the best solution – still monitor the scalp, with the need to apply moisturizer, restoring skin balance.

The reason for the third. Seborrhea

However, the main reason that causes dandruff, is violation of the sebaceous glands. They occur when a person has problems with the gastrointestinal tract, thyroid, or pancreas.

When the sebum begins to produce too much, it clogs the hair follicles. Often this becomes a cause of hair loss. In this case, the doctors diagnosed “oily seborrhea. ‘

If the sebaceous gland begins to “strike”, the skin dries and peels, and hair sticking out in different directions and do not obey the comb. So manifests itself dry seborrhea. As the reduced and enhanced secretion of the sebaceous glands most often develops during the hormonal imbalance in the body. Sometimes during puberty under the influence of male sex hormones (including girls).

No dandruff

White flakes on clothing can only resemble harmless dandruff, but in fact manifestations of skin diseases such as seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis or lichen asbestovidny. If the scalp is red and swollen, and the scales form a fairly thick crust, you have one of these diseases.

How to get rid of dandruff? Needless to say, that in this case, you do not buy cosmetics and go to a dermatologist? Believe me, the inconvenience that brings dandruff – nothing compared to the violations, which she could testify. Sometimes it is better to pay attention to your body and pay attention to it, not only due to the sudden appearance of dandruff. Take care of yourself and your health!

To treat dandruff shampoos are appointed by the relevant medical and biologically active agents. First of all, have to take vitamins B6 and B1, as well as A, D and E. Zinc and sulfur nutrition normalize hair. In addition they are appointed and decongestants. Then, as far as possible eliminated the reasons which caused dandruff, that is, treated stomach, intestine, thyroid, and so on.


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