Homespun Remedies for Cleaner Hair

Homespun Remedies for Cleaner Hair

Homespun Remedies for Cleaner Hair

With all the additives, preservatives and chemicals found in commercial hair care products these days, it’s about time we all started getting back to the basics. Old fashioned hair care solutions have a long history of getting hair squeaky clean, without causing dryness or damage.

Starting with the basics means starting clean. For your hair, that means saying goodbye to shampoos and conditioners and cleaning your hair with chemical-free ingredients. You might be surprised to discover that the two best homespun ingredients for cleaning your hair, are the same ones you trust to clean everything else. That is, of-course, baking soda and vinegar!

Baking soda and vinegar are both natural cleansing agents that are commonly used as cleaning products, either together or separately. Safe, gentle and natural, these products are great for cleaning your hair!
You can use baking soda to help remove dirt, build up and other contaminants from your hair. It’s great for deep cleaning your scalp and leaves won’t rob your hair of it’s natural moisture balance. If you’re trying to transition yourself away from processed commercial shampoos, using baking soda on your hair will help bring it back to it’s natural state.
Vinegar, especially apple cider vinegar, is a fantastic rinse agent. It cleans away any leftover residue from your washing and also adds softness and lustrous shine to your tresses. It’s also highly effective in combating problems like dandruff. Plus, it’s another all natural, safe ingredient that will keep you away from chemically processed hair care products.

Finally, using the power of baking soda in combination with apple cider vinegar is the perfect coupling for cleansing your hair. Whether you mix the two together, or start with a baking soda cleanse followed with an apple cider vinegar rinse, your hair will show fantastic results.

Homespun remedies for cleaning your hair will give you fresh, clean and shiny hair that isn’t burdened with harsh additives found in store bought shampoos. There’s nothing better than natural products to give you naturally clean hair!


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