Exercise to Remove Your Cellulite

Exercise to Remove Your Cellulite

Exercise to Remove Your Cellulite

Many women from all around the world suffer from unsightly cellulite – mostly on the thighs or on the upper arms, and this is why so many beauty clinics are offering various remedies at various costs to suit everyone’s pocket. If you yourself wish to enjoy the liberty of going to the seaside and donning a skimpy two-piece, without the worry that you’ll be the laughing stock of onlookers, then its time to take care of the problem.

There is a number of ways to get rid of or reduce cellulite – cosmetic surgery, creams, diets. But here I wish to focus on cellulite exercises and how you can incorporate exercises into your daily routines, thus tackling your own battle with cellulite.

In conjunction with the other methods of reducing cellulite, exercise can indeed be a superb way to combat the problem. Its not to say that exercise alone cannot fight the flab, but its wise to have an all-round plan of attack rather than relying upon a single method.

With that said, this article is about exercise so let’s make some progress.

Build muscle:

don’t get worried here – its not about getting a six pack set of abdominals or making your biceps “pop” when you flex them. The fact is that for every single pound of muscle you possess, this translates into the burning of an extra 50 calories each and every single day. So, does it make sense to you to wish to put on a few extra pounds of muscle now?

Again, let me emphasis its not about creating perfectly sculpted musculature. Its simply about adding a few pounds by doing some light weights in the gym or at home a few times a week, to get that calorie burning machine that your body possesses working at or near to its optimum.

Cardiovascular workouts:

cardio is perhaps more suitable as a form of exercise than is training with weights. And for obvious reason too. Cardio exercises can be anything from jogging to swimming to walking or cycling. Now I don’t know about you but when I think “exercise” I can’t help but like the idea of walking. And yes, walking can be a fantastic form of exercise, providing its not simply a meander along the street to the post office and back again.

The point about cardio workouts is that they have to be high enough in intensity to really work the heart. You have to be able to get the heart to really pump otherwise the intensity is most probably no where near high enough to get the most benefit.
Whichever of these exercises you choose, or if you prefer to workout in a different way, there is no need to target the specific areas where cellulite is a problem. By using whole-body workouts you will be burning a lot of calories. By burning a lot of calories it means that the excessive fats no matter where they are located will be reduced. Its not about focusing upon a specific muscle group – that simply is a misnomer.

So, with that said, its time to get to the cellulite exercises!


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